The Other Brother|Scene #01

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It's time for Cadence Lux to get herself in shape and with no idea how she can get started|she visits her boyfriend's brother Ryan McLane|who happens to be a training Guru. Ryan has no objections to help his little brother's girlfriend out|but points out her tiny little outfit is not the way to start. Cadence invites him over to her place|so she can change into something a little more appropriate...

The first thing Ryan needs to know is how flexible Cadence is. Bending her over|he finds her ass stretching high up in the air|brushing against Ryan's cock. Cadence uses all her might to stretch but tries too hard|pulling her back ending in excruciating pain. Ryan helps her to the bed|laying her down on her stomach|rubbing his hands over her aching body. Ryan asks Cadence to remove her mini skirt so he can focus on her lower back|now leaving Cadence with her one piece see through body suit. She urges Ryan to massage her ass|but Ryan wants to make sure they are on the same page that this is strictly platonic|but Cadence has other motives|grabbing his head|embracing her boyfriend's brother|entirely ready to fuck Ryan.

Ryan pulls off her bodysuit|spreading her legs wide and open to indulge in her sweet|shaved pussy. He drives his fingers into her mouth making them wet to finger fuck her pussy hole. Cadence moans with excitement|exclaiming her sexual satisfaction|as she desires more from the other brother. Cadence rips off Ryan's shorts|his long|hard cock ready for her slutty mouth|preparing herself for a wild ride! She straddles his cock|swaying and bouncing her sweet ass up and down his shaft. Ryan fulfills her indulgence|with Cadence soon peaking in pure orgasmic ecstasy|something his younger brother could never achieve! Cadence Lux, Ryan McLane